Private kindergarten with learning english french with native speaker

Welcome to the Children's Early Development trilingual Center P'titCREF Kyiv!

Our center is open for children of all nationalities aged 2 to 7 years. We work all year round, including school holiday periods, from 8.30 to 19.00 hours, from Monday till Friday.

private kindergarden kyiv

P'titCREF Kyiv Center offers the following educational services:

• trilingual kindergarten program P'titCREF (English, French, Russian and Ukrainian languages) for children from 2 to 7 years.

• Foreign language courses with teachers Languages4Kids carrier. Learning Language: English, French.

• Mugs les p'tits plus and rich holiday programs, which will allow your child to spend time interesting and usefully.

This year P'titCREF Kyiv celebrated its 6th anniversary.

We have evolved, grew, improved, and we can confidently say that reached a new level. Now many of our graduates, students of international schools, continue their education in a language course L4kids, and parents with older kids attended garden P'titCREF Kyiv, happy to give us their younger children.

private kindergarden kyiv

We are always open to new ideas and initiatives that can improve the quality of services at the center. Our teachers are native speakers, working on the author's teaching methods P'titCREF, also develop their own exercises and activities, taking into account the age and personality characteristics of students.

The team of P'titCREF Kyiv is doing everything in order children would feel cozy, comfortable, and fun that they’d like come back to us again and again. We love our students and look forward to meet new kids.

P'titCREF Kyiv Center works since 2011, the center's director is Natalia Khruschakova.

Enrich Language Abilities of Your Child!

In the recent while, it has become clear that kindergarten is pretty influential in the life of a child, especially considering its impact on one's developmental abilities. Yet, some parents still have a bias in terms of choosing the right playschool in Kyiv: some are doubtful about the prospects of private kindergarten enrollment while others are not sure about all the benefits that such an international environment may provide. In this article, we will defy some of the most common myths about such an education.

Myth #1: Foreign language instruction is mediocre

At Center Ptitcref "Kiyv", we believe in the supreme quality of the language instruction provided exclusively by native speakers, which is why we only hire teachers that are fully fluent in French, English, Russian, or Ukrainian from birth. Since children have incredibly elastic brains early on, it makes a perfect sense to learn the language the way it is supposed to be learned. More so, one can be sure that all the teachers have a background in pedagogy and are skillful in creating an individualized approach to your child's learning needs. Such an approach, most of all, derives from our philosophy of learning, which we don't hesitate to explain to prospective families.

Myth # 2: Children don't socialize enough in the kindergarten

Every single baby going to our kindergarten will be provided with the full-scale learning opportunities that can't necessarily be found in any other place in Kyiv. There will surely be groups and discussions as well as a lot of room for play! Kindergarten is not only a School focused on learning but also on having fun! For instance, there is a lot of role play involved, with children being able to try themselves in the nursery, teaching, or any other role that adults typically take upon themselves. So no worries if your child comes home trying to teach you franch or english! It takes time for them to get used to newly acquired roles they got in kindergarten, haha!


If you live near Kyiv and are looking for high-quality international kindergarten (club), signing up for a course of studying could be of supreme value for your child! Not only will he/she become proficient in a variety of languages by the time of graduation, but also gain lifelong social connections. Thus, it makes a perfect sense to learn a bit more about the kindergarten of the focus as some of the parents may have claimed already! If you're looking for value, come here!