Welcome to P'titCREF Kyiv.

Our centre is open to children of all nationalities aged 2 to 7 years. It is open all year, including during school holidays, from 8 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday.

Our centre offers the following options:

  • Trilingual kindergarten for children from 2 to 7 years with P'titCREF educational programme (English, French and Russian languages).
  • Foreign language courses for children Languages4Kids with native-speaking teachers. Taught languages: English, French, and Russian as a foreign language.
  • Les p'tits plus extracurriculars together with our holidays programme will provide your child with a rich and amusing time.

Classes in P'titCREF kindergarten in Kyiv are conducted in three languages (Russian, English and French, as well as Ukrainian or Spanish, depending on the centre) by experienced native speaker teachers.

We combine the children speaking different languages in the same group. Thank to this they develop in a natural multilingual environment, absorbing knowledge rapidly and easily. The child can attend kindergarten half day or full day. The groups are 8-12 people and the children are divided into groups based on age but not by the level of proficiency.

We add various disciplines (drawing, writing, reading, logic, mathematics, music, sports) to the schedule of these groups, in addition to creative and other activities.

If you want to visit our centre, make an appointment with our manager.